1: Wallet style

Women’s wallets are generally divided into long and short wallets. Generally speaking, the long style will give people an elegant and tasteful feeling, while the short style will give people a capable and heavy feeling. When buying a wallet, you should not just limit yourself to what brand of women’s wallets are good, but should pay attention to the style of the wallet-simple, generous, elegant, and practical. It can be said that only with these advantages can it be considered a good wallet.

2: Powerful

Generally speaking, long wallets are more powerful than short wallets. The long wallet has more card slots and compartments, and can store banknotes of different denominations neatly. Avoid the shortcomings of short wallets that are too heavy. At this time, it is possible to ask, what brand is good for women’s wallets? In fact, even if there are famous brands, they do not have basic practical functions. The practical value.

3: Color

There are many different brands of wallets, but from the perspective of feng shui, which color is more lucrative? Have you ever thought about this? Have you ever used the most ruined red wallet? I’m afraid you will not just choose a wallet Confined to the question of what brand of women’s wallet is good, there are actually many important factors that need to be considered.

4: Material

There are many branded wallets, although they are fashionable and unique in design, they may not use good materials. We know that compared to handbags, wallets are opened and closed many times and are easy to wear. If you choose a brand of low-quality wallet, it will stretch and break after a period of use. So when buying a wallet, it is important to consider the brand of a lady’s wallet, but you would rather spend more money than buy a high-quality leather wallet.

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