This year the fashion market will fall into recession, forcing people in the fashion industry to strengthen flexible planning and adjust their operating models.

This year the fashion market will fall into recession, forcing people in the fashion industry to strengthen flexible planning and adjust their operating models. However, in the context of the global fashion industry undergoing tremendous changes, looking for new markets, strategic opportunities and future growth space is an indispensable strategic means. In order to ensure the future, companies must adapt to the new market environment, evaluate divestment and acquisition opportunities to strengthen their core position, and grasp the blank design that appears in the reorganization. Compared with almost all other high-end fashion products, women are more likely to spend money on luxury handbags. Part of the reason is that handbags are different from other clothing in that they tend to retain their value and even increase in value over the years. Therefore, designers will always launch at least a few handbags and wallets with timeless designs, which is why retro-style coin handbags, crocodile pattern bags and saddle bags will appear in the 2020 autumn and winter handbag trends. At the same time, innovation is also very important, because sometimes surprising designs really stay in our minds.

Growing rose bag


There is a romantic floral decoration on handbags in the fall of 2020, so if you want something more feminine but still elegant and mature, consider these.

Valentino’s three-dimensional rose bag is a bit abstract, with large petals cut out of leather and pasted on the front of the bag in a loose rose shape.

Erdem’s flowers are made of collected rags, which gives the flower bag a soft and lovely touch. Richard Quinn and Shrimps also have more rose-colored bags.

fasten bagsbelt


In some cases, you want your bag to be well secured to your body, just like a seat belt. This year, designers tried a variety of different methods to keep the 2020 autumn bags tight and safe.

ine Serre really tried different hands-free ways to carry a bag, including making a multi-compartment mini bag that can be tied to the leg or arm, and some waist bag options.

A holster-like design by Michael Kors ties a mini saddle bag tightly around the body. When worn inside the jacket, it feels like a great pickpocket-proof wallet.

Shiny wallet


The handbag trends for the fall of 2020 include some great party bags, which add a bit of color to any look.

Simone Rocha’s small beaded tote bag is very popular, full of youthful atmosphere. At this size, they would be the perfect evening bag for more weird events. There are also small beads from Shrimps. There are sparkling beads on the small and large bags.

Richard Quinn (Richard Quinn) designed a completely melange handbag to match the jewellery suit he wore at the opening of his fashion show. This small square handbag is studded with crystals and pearls.

Crocodile embossed bag


Dangerous and luxurious-this is the feel of a crocodile pattern bag (not to mention a real crocodile leather bag).

In terms of crocodile leather bags, Gucci introduced a solid tote bag, somewhat reminiscent of a doctor’s bag, made of shiny black crocodile skin.

If you like the look of crocodile leather handbags, but do not like real crocodile leather handbags, then you may like Stella McCartney’s vegan crocodile pattern handbags and small and sturdy handbags.

Christian Siriano, Marc Jacobs, Ermanno Scervino, Vivienne Hu, Rejina Pyo and Tory Burch There are many other examples of crocodile pattern bags on the show.

feather bag


The feather bag has become one of the cutest bag trends on the runway in the autumn and winter of 2020 for two consecutive seasons.

In Altuzarra, feathers exploded from the top of the sturdy pouch, and even the design was a little fuzzy due to the use of the underarm model. In Marques almeida, the bag is completely covered with feathers, which looks lively, soft and fuzzy.

Tramp bag


The handbag trends in the fall of 2020 also include some classics that we like to carry at any time, such as hobo handbags. Elegant and stable, this is a bag that every fashionista should consider investing in.

Coperni gave their original hobo bag a modern twisted structure. Bottega Veneta decided to stick to its signature weaving technique and launched a series of elegant hobo bags with perfect autumn colors.

We also like the combination of suede and rich jewel tones for the hobo bag found by Brandon Maxwell. Valentino combines trends by using plush stitching patterns in its oversized hobo bag design.

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